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Hugh Hession - Studio Space ATL“In my career thus far, I have worked with big names like The Outlaws, Wet Willie, James Brown, Trisha Yearwood, Danny Seraphine, Razzy Bailey and more. Hugh has the kind of can do attitude that one needs to be at the top of the music business. This, along with his fantastic piano and vocal skills and amazing songwriting and arranging ability makes him a must if you want to do something truly professional.”  -Joey Stuckey, Shadow Sound Studios, Macon, Georgia.

“Thank you for doing this, Hugh. It’s important that we all share what we have experienced and hopefully help others along the way.”  -Rudy Sarzo, Bassist for Queensryche, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio and Blue Oyster Cult.

“I have had the honor of knowing and working with Hugh Hession for some time. I have found Hugh to be a great asset, both personally and professionally, and one who embodies traits that are hard to find in today’s world. Hugh is honest, forthright, punctual, professional and always thinking. Thank you Hugh for being a friend and colleague.” -James M. LeFavour, Chairman / Georgia Music Industry Association, President / Atlanta Records, Edgewater Recording Studios, Atlanta, Georgia.

“Making it in Music provides aspiring artists the insight and tools needed to “make it” in the music industry.  Hugh Hession has the aptitude to know the best course of action for each artist.  I’ve always said it’s important to align yourself with a mentor who is one step ahead of the music industry.” -Gary Alan, Owner of TalentWatch.net

“Hugh is a detail-oriented manager who never loses sight of the strategic objective.”  -Joey Byrd, Jason Coley Music, LLC

“Hugh works tirelessly for the artists he manages and does so from his deep performing background, music industry contacts and incredible knowledge base of how the music industry really works. If you are looking to take your talents to the next level, Hugh knows what it takes and focuses like a laser beam on making it happen! I recommend him and his work with no reservations.” -Chris Lyon, live sound engineer, Technical Advisor to The Georgia Music Industry Assocation, Sound Crew, Athsfest, Athens, Georgia

“Thanks to Hugh Hession, without a doubt one of the best promoters in the biz.  It is a pleasure to work with a professional like you and your entire crew.” -Stephen Skipper, lead vocalist, The Jagged Stones, Altanta, GA.

“In all of my years in operating a television station for Daystar, I must say that Hugh Hession is one of the most talented individuals that I have ever worked with. I do not believe that there is anything he cannot do, from a magical voice talent to astonishing music, writing and performing skills, teacher and talent guide, he is a true value to offer to the world. I recommend him with the highest mark of excellence.” -Olan Graham, Station Manager, WDMA Macon TV 31, Daystar TV, Macon, Georgia

“Hugh is a pleasure to work with in all aspects…Very friendly, easy to deal with, and very informative. Outside of working with me, I witnessed him interacting with other subs, his own band members, and guests of the event. Everyone seemed to enjoy his company. I would highly recommend Hugh as a professional and team player.” - Keith Minor, Shock and Awe Productions, Atlanta, Georgia

“…I spend many hours a week studying that side of it (the music business) reading everything I can get my hands on (Hugh Hession’s site is friggin WONDERFUL, by the way, it’s fallen into my regularly scheduled reading)!” - Lance Rodriguez, Musician, Macon, Georgia

“Hugh, last night was a blast! The Cox Capitol Theater was rocked! Homeless Hill, and then Zoso took it over the top! Thanks to your tireless efforts. You are the Man!” -Richard Roberts, Radio DJ, WBML, Perry, GA

“Hugh Hession has vast real-world experience in the music business and is one of the few people I trust to give me honest, practical, and sound advise when it comes to developing my career and navigating an industry that is complex and not always friendly towards artists. He’s also an innovative thinker, a smart businessman, and very ethical. I’ve interviewed him and he provided great educational info and helpful tips to our audience. I’m honored to have him as a friend and colleague.” -Jennifer Grassman, Senior Director of Public Relations, Brightbox

“I’m gonna go ahead and say that Hugh Hession is the *&%$^# man. Always has been, always will.”  -Travis Denning, The Travis Denning Band

“I visit your blog daily, on my journey of music. Wanted to express my gratefulness for your amazing efforts, helping us independent musicians know ourselves better and shape our decisions in a good way.” - Morad Muslimany, MoradMuslimanyMusic.

Thank you Hugh Hession for hosting Blizzard of Ozzy and crew. First class venue and staff. We had a great time! - Mack Mullins, Lead singer of Blizzard of Ozzy, Cumming, GA

“Hey Hugh, I am a beat maker or what I like to call ‘composer.’ I love how you broke down the beat licensing. It really clears things up for the artist who may not fully understand what it means exactly to license a beat.” - Isaac Mergen, DigitalMindsMusic.com

“Great article Hugh, and it was way helpful reading through other people’s questions and your responses.” -Frank Trompeter, Making it in Music reader

Hugh is a dedicated and driven music professional with a deep rooted passion for artist development. His website Making it in Music (.net) is a true reflection of Hugh’s commitment to sharing his extensive knowledge of the music industry in a growth orientated style. If you want to learn about the music business and you’re stateside, Hugh is your man… -Simon Adams, music promoter, business coach, author of “101 Ways To Market Your Music On The Web.”

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