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Published on November 15th, 2012 | by Hugh Hession


The secret behind creating a successful Facebook music page (it’s not about likes!)

The other day, I was talking to a lead singer who was venting to me about how much of a challenge it was (well…he didn’t exactly put it that way. More like how f&^%#* aggravating it was!) to build up likes on his bands Facebook page. It’s a common theme, not only with bands and music artists, but any company or brand that’s promoting their product or service on Facebook.

Then there are those who have plenty of likes, but out of 50,000, they’re reaching all but 1,000 of them.

You’ll never get 100% reach

What many don’t know or understand, is that Facebook never gives you 100% reach. “Facebook has never allowed 100% reachsays billionaire businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. “I think the disconnect is that not everyone realized that they didn’t allow 100% reach.”

Cuban’s point only serves to emphasize precisely why people tend to focus more on page likes. It’s because they assume that they will be reaching every one of those people with their posts!

You see, the biggest misconception with Facebook, is the idea that getting more people to like your page will give you more of a reach. It’s simply not true.  It’s your reach that defines how successful your page will ultimately be. And though you’ll never be able to reach 100% of all the fans who liked your page on FB, you can at least maximize your reach to those fans by posting relevant and enticing content that will make them like, share, comment and keep coming back for more!

Facebook has never allowed 100% reach-Mark Cuban, owner, Dallas Mavericks

So…the secret behind creating a successful Facebook music or fan page is to shift your focus from likes to reach! I’m not saying to forget about likes. I mean, in order to get reach, people need to like your page! However, I find that many musicians stay in the “like” mode. They never shift gears.

Facebook grades your posts

So let’s shift back to not being able to get 100% reach. What’s up with that?

According to“On any given day, for any post, an average of 16 to 20 percent of your fans will see that post in their news feeds.” The reason for this, has to do with a built in algorithm that Facebook uses called EdgeRank.

EdgeRank acts as a filter that predicts what posts will have the most relevance, as related to user activity. Yep. That’s right. Every post you make is being graded by Facebook!

I found this video explaining how EdgeRank works. Check it out, and then we’ll continue.

As you see in the video, there are three variables that determine how far your reach will go. Here they are again.

1. Affinity

Affinity is the relationship between how often a user (friend, fan) communicates with you (through posting, sharing, likes etc.), and the frequency that your posts show up in their news feed. So basically, the people that interact with you the most, are the ones that will see more of your posts.  Want to increase your Affinity level? Post content that people will interact with!  No interaction means no reach, no matter how many overall likes your page has.

2. Weight

Not all interaction is ranked the same! For instance, comments and sharing content will hold more weight than “likes.” Additionally, photos and videos have a higher weight than links.

3. Time

Alot of studies and opinions on when to post. This video mentions that 7am, 5pm and 11pm ET are the best times to engage your fans. Other sources tell you the optimum posting times are between 1pm and 4pm ET. So which is it? Test it. Ultimately, you will figure it out by the amount of activity you get.

Something else to remember regarding time: old stories are old news. You’ll minimize your reach if you don’t keep it current.

Tips to increase activity on your Facebook page

  • Get people to take action by telling them to like, share or comment
  • Post content that is both relevant and appealing
  • Create contests or other promotions for more buy-in
  • Vary your posts with pictures and video to increase your weight factor
  • Post consistently (at least 1-2x daily)


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