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Published on May 9th, 2011 | by Hugh Hession


Making lyric based videos to enhance your marketing mix

Lyric driven music videos are starting to become the real deal. Once thought of as a format that was driven by music fans, music artists are starting to see the benefits of creating lyric videos to maximize ad revenue, direct fans to their website or provide links to buy their music. It’s a great tool to utilize for those particular fans searching for lyrics.

According the article “The Power of Words,” in the March 26th copy of Billboard, Tubemogul has estimated that lyric based videos have accounted for 1.9 billion views on YouTube to date. Knowing this information, you would think artists would be biting at the bit to put out lyric videos. Not so. Fan-generated lyric videos are still king, however it’s evident that this will undoubtedly change – particularly with  major label interest in maintaining control over their artists’ marketing efforts.

All fine and good for the major label artist who has name recognition – but how can this concept have impact on you as an indie artist?

First off, don’t look at YouTube as a profit-generating vehicle in relation to video-streaming. To make any kind of money with video streaming, it takes massive star power (millions of views). And that being said, even the stars are only making a mere fraction on their videos compared to individual track sales. Add in the ambiguity of licensing (video streaming payment logistics are all over the map) – and you have an area of the music business that is still very much in its infancy. However like any baby – it will develop quickly (a few years out).

Personally, there is something contagious about listening to a great song and watching the lyrics as they are sung. This is particularly engaging if the artist is a good lyricist, To me, it’s another way to hook fans, especially if you’re creative. It’s also provides a great service for fans getting to know your music.

Of course, you will want to provide links to your website and to your music. That should always be at the forefront of your mind to enhance your link-building strategy. Sponsorship and advertising is another revenue center, provided you are garnering considerable attention as measured by your views.


Examples of lyric-based videos:

The Ready Set–Love Like Woe has generated over 4.5 million views in the past 10 months


Good Charlotte-Last Night


Francesca Battistelli’s This is the Stuff


Indie artist Namuli from Los Angeles

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  1. I think this is the new wave of creating music videos. I’ve watch a lot of these already and recording companies have released their own official lyric videos of their artists’ music. These kinds of videos are really appealing besides the fact that you can actually see the words the artist is singing. -James

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