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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Hugh Hession


The 2013 Nashville Spotlight Music Contest

Announcement! has just recently launched The 2013 Nashville Spotlight Music Contest, which is open to any singer who is 25 years of age, or under. Ok, I’m a bit partial, because I’m a partner, and the Music Industry Liaison for TalentWatch, however there are some great prizes and opportunities for the winner!

So, before I talk about details, let’s get the first and most important question out of the way, “What does the winner get?”

Here is the rundown:

Contest prizes and opportunities

1) We’re going to give the winning contestant, $1000 in CASH!

2) A featured spot on Nashville Spotlight TV.

3) 2-night performance at the famous Nashville Palace during CMA week!

4) The opportunity to meet with Rick Barker, Taylor Swift’s former manager.

How to enter

To enter into the contest, you first have to register with TalentWatch, if you haven’t already. How do you do this? It’s easy.

1) Register as an artist

Before you enter the contest, you have to register to TalentWatch.

2) Upload your music and personal video

TalentWatch is video-driven. You have to first upload your music video; one that represents you in the best way possible. Secondly,  you have to to upload a personal video. Personal videos can be humorous, creative, emotional and/or inspiring. They don’t have to be long (in fact, the shorter the better), or professionally done. The main deal, is that you tell your story to connect with your fans! Here are some of examples of TalentWatch’s top personal videos:

3) Get approved

TalentWatch has to approve your videos before you go “live” on the site. This helps to avoid any crazy or non-relevant videos from showing up (If you only knew some of the videos that are submitted!).

4) Enter the contest

Once you’re approved, you can enter contests. You’ll have the ability to do that within your account.

Contest rules

The 2013 Nashville Spotlight Music Contest is open to any singer 25 or under. Just so you know, this is just for this particular contest. There will be many others that will be open to all ages, so don’t get discouraged if you’re over 25! 

Open enrollment is until April 1, 2013. After that time, the contest closes and the winning contestant will be selected from the top rated artists by Rick Barker, Talented Kids Depot and Nashville Spotlight TV, on May 3, 2013.

How it works

TalentWatch artists that enter the contest are rated by fans on three factors:

1) Likability

Fans first are given the opportunity to vote on the artists personal video on a 1-10 scale.

2) Talent

Fans then look to the right of the artist’s profile and click on the performance (music) videos, where they can rate the artists talent factor, which is based on a sliding thermometer from 1-100 and is scaled, starting from Poor, A Natural, Has Potential and the top, which is Superstar. Fans slide the thermometer where they think the artist is best represented.

3) Entertainment

Also for performance/music videos and is identical to rating the entertainment value of an artist.

Fans and music industry registration

Alright all you music fans. To rate TalentWatch artists, register here, first. If you’re a manager or A&R person and have multiple artists, you can sign up as a music industry professional and handle all of their accounts in one location!

What we’re about

Our approach? Focus on one thing and do it better than anyone else. Our niche is online music contests, where approved partners plug into TalentWatch’s contest platform to stage contests for music artists anywhere in the world. TalentWatch is the only destination on the web where aspiring artists from all over the world can showcase their talent and tell their story in an engaging and entertaining, video-driven format. TalentWatch fans rate fans on entertainment, talent and likability, giving every music fan an equal chance to rise to the top.

Check out the 2013 Nashville Spotlight Music Contest promotional video:





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