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  1. Do you represent artists or help music artists get record deals?
    • We own and operate separate entertainment companies, from artist management and development, to production. If you are interested in submitting material to us, or finding out more information about our other companies, email us at info@makingitinmusic.net. Please understand, that we receive a large volume of inquiries for management and production/development opportunities. If we like what we hear, we may contact you, however we are very selective about who we choose to work with and we rarely make those decisions based solely upon music submissions.
  2. I see other sites and resources on the internet with variations of Making it in Music, Make it in Music etc. Are you connected in anyway?
    • Making it in Music is a legally trademarked name.¬†Unless you see our logos, or the makingitinmusic.net name attached to it, it is not our content.
  3. Do you accept submissions from guest bloggers?
    • Absolutely. However, note that it is essential you have a well-rounded understanding of the music business and can actually write! Although there are some categories of our blog that don’t often require in-depth knowledge of the music business, for the most part, it is a requirement. Go here for more information about guest blogging opportunities.
  4. Who owns Making it in Music?
    • Making it in Music is owned by Emerging Artists Entertainment Marketing & Consulting, LLC. Hugh Hession is the founder, chief officer and editor.
  5. Are you interested in link-swapping?
    • If we feel that there is a mutual benefit for link-swapping, we may do so, but that is the exception rather than the rule. We have no blog roll.
  6. What are you advertising rates?
    • Our ad rates are very reasonable and with our bounce rates being so low (meaning our readers STAY on our site, rather than leave in a minute or less), you are getting tremendous value and more importantly, results. Larger sites may boast high numbers, but that doesn’t take into consideration high bounce rates. Click here for more information on advertising with us.
  7. Are you available for seminars, industry panels and judging for contests?
    • Yes. Hugh Hession has over 25 years of experience in the industry and is also an artist manager, producer and music¬†entrepreneur¬†(he is a partner with TalentWatch.net). Hugh is a professional member of NARIP, and a voting member of the Recording Academy. He has developed and presented material on a variety of topics through seminars, industry panels and speaking engagements. For more information, contact us.
  8. Can I contact you to get career advice?
    • We always welcome correspondence from our readers and will sometimes offer our input to artists who are looking for direction. Please understand however, that with the quantity of email we get (and the time involved to answer), that is not typically possible. We do normally respond to all of our email, but please allow up to 24 hours for us to get back to you. As an alternative, we suggest that you send us an email about the topics you would like to see covered on Making it in Music.

Site Layout

  1. Your NewsBuzz section isn’t “up to the minute” current. Why?
    • Our NewsBuzz section wasn’t designed to be a 24-7, newsfeed. We choose to highlight some of the more important, relevant and interesting news around the industry. Let’s face it. Some of the music biz news out there can be bland and boring. We want to keep it interesting.
  2. Do you cover music artists and album reviews?
    • Not typically. However we will cover certain music artists if there is a story that is newsworthy and interesting.
  3. I want to find a certain topic, but the categories are too broad. What are the best ways to find a topic I’m looking for?
    • We suggest two ways. The first, is by going to the “Search” function at the top right of the menu and type in whatever you’re looking for. The second, is to scroll down to the footer of the page, and you will find tags that relate to various topics.
  4. I’ve noticed ad links to sites such as Amazon within your posts. What’s the deal?
    • Like many blogs out there, we make affiliate (referral) income through each sale made on partner sites such as Amazon, Google, Nimbit and others. It’s how we are able to keep Making it in Music, free!

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