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Meet the Editor

Hugh Hession has been a part of the music industry for over 25 years with experience as an artist manager, publicist, consultant, producer, composer and performer. He has played and toured with a multitude of bands throughout the United States as a keyboardist and lead vocalist which brought forth opportunities to share the stage with many legendary recording acts including Robin Trower, Cheap Trick, Richard Marx and more.  In 1995, he started Rubicon Entertainment, an artist management company that represented up and coming artists by leveraging publicity and performance to maximize fan growth. He helped to establish his acts by centering the focus around their niche, creating opportunities not only stateside, but internationally as well, particularly in Europe.

In 2010, Hugh teamed up with founder Gary Alan as co-partner and Music Industry Liaison for TalentWatch, the online destination where music artists showcase their music and tell their story in a video-driven format. NBC’s The Voice gave mention to TalentWatch in addition to including them as the only site to be included on their link page during the audition period in their first season. TW also worked with television networks as a conduit for talent and launched their new music contest platform where industry professionals host music contests, customized to their needs. Hession was also the producer and host of TalentWatch Radio. He left TW in 2013 to place more focus on his artist development and management companies.

Hugh heads up Hession Entertainment Group, LLC (artist management/concert promotions) and Emerging Artists Entertainment Marketing and Consulting, LLC (artist development, production and consulting). He still actively writes songs. produces and is involved in multiple production/development deals. He has co-written with Tasha Larae (Arrested Development), Billboard charting artist Inoj (So So Def) and has worked with Grammy award winning engineer/producer Ken Lewis (Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Fun).

Hugh is a voting member of The Recording Academy (NARAS/Grammy’s), Atlanta Chapter, a professional member of NARIP and a member of the IMMF (International Music Manager’s Forum). He is a BMI writer and has a BA in Marketing.

What is Making it in Music about?

Making it in Music is a blog that equips those who want to do just that…make it in the music business! There are some that tend to frown upon the term “making it,” but really, isn’t that what every musician aspires to?  “Making it” is such a subjective term. Platinum records, sold-out tours and screaming fans are a bonus, but c’mon – we all just want to make a living at what we love to do, right? If we can sustain a music career and keep the food on the table, that is bliss!  And that, people,  is what we define as “making it!”

We cover a variety of topics from marketing, performance, vocal coaching and also the business end of music. Really, we’re game to anything  that has do with furthering your career. Making it in Music is constantly evolving and we will continue to move into the direction that will best serve you, as the music professional. We also are about the up and comer. We acknowledge the movers and shakers of tomorrow as well as today!

It is our goal to stay in tune with your needs as a growing music artist and/or professional. Accordingly, we sincerely want to hear from you. Any suggestions, comments (or pats on the back!), are welcome. This blog is for you and we want to include content that is valuable and in demand. We can’t do that without your input. Check out our most frequently asked questions.

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We are not a big fan of disclaimers. Most of them are very dry, but nevertheless, you need to have an understanding that we are not attorneys, and any information in this blog that even remotely deals with any legal issue needs to be taken up with one. We offer information based upon our experiences as music industry professionals. We go to great pains to ensure that it is accurate, however on the event that it is not – we are not available to be sued. Basically, this means that we are not held liable for someone using the information on this site, not getting the results they expect, and then sue us. This is for informational purposes only.

Also, we reserve the right to monitor comments. This blog is not the classifieds. If you are in the music biz, want to be a part of the business, or merely like to read Making it in Music – great. We love feedback and comments about our posts and welcome that. In that regard- we have no problem with you leaving your website URL. But, if you just want to spam the blog -we do have a problem with that.

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